Multiple lions dancing around hanging strings of firecrackers

“Professionally managed firing of eight 32′ strings of red ceremonial firecrackers by our partners at Fireworks America.”

Pyrotechnic Services

As of 2014, our organization no longer maintains a volunteer pyrotechnic team.  As a result, we can no longer provide direct pyrotechnic services.

However, we do maintain a strong working relationship with several pyrotechnic companies in the region and will be more than happy to help refer and work with them while planning your event.

Ceremonial Firecrackers

Many people who have visited China or have seen the lion dance performed in a traditional setting often times associate it with the loud “pop” and “bang” of fireworks.

We are often asked if we will perform while unauthorized firecrackers are used.  We will, however, reserve the right to refuse performing if we deem the display to be too dangerous for our volunteer performers. 

We highly recommend utilizing one of our pyrotechnic partners, it will ensure that you are legally permitted by your city and the State of California to have pyrotechnics. It also provides peace of mind knowing that you have liability insurance in place for your event. Most importantly, it ensures that your fireworks are properly handled and detonated by trained pyrotechnic operators.

Multiple lions cautiously approaching the confetti shreds of red paper in the aftermath of firecrackers.