Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Us!

2024 Year of the Dragon (4722)



The lion dance is an important tradition in the Chinese culture. The dance is common practice as part of Chinese New Year festivities, bringing good luck and happiness. Often times, you will also see this tradition performed at weddings and grand-openings of restaurants and businesses.

The San Diego Lucky Lion Dancers is the oldest traditional lion dance group in the greater-San Diego area with performances contracted throughout the year. We are a volunteer-based organization and have performed at not only weddings and small businesses, but also corporate events and other special engagements, such as, the Superbowl Pregame show, both Disneyland California and California Adventure parks, and theatrical background work.

Be sure to book us early as our busiest schedule occurs during the weekends surrounding the Lunar New Year! Let us be part of your next event!

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CHINESE ZODIAC: About the Dragon

Dragons are confident, intelligent, and enthusiastic.  They are the mightiest of animals in the zodiac and prefer to be leaders of groups.  Being confident and brave, dragon people are passionate and not afraid of facing challenges as they strive to achieve goals.  Unfortunately, their passion and high demand for work is often interpreted as aggressive or domineering.