San Diego Lucky Lion Dancers

Ceremonial Firecrackers
Many people who have visited China or have seen the lion dance performed in a traditional setting often times associate it with the loud "pop" and "bang" of fireworks.

 Pyrotechnic Services
As of 2014, our organization no longer provides pyrotechnic services directly. Instead, we have partnered with and developed a very strong working relationship with several pyrotechnic companies in the region.

Can I Use My Own Firecrackers?
Unfortunately, no. By utilizing one of our pyrotechnic partners, it will ensure that you are legally permitted by your city and the State of California to have pyrotechnics. It also provides peace of mind knowing that liability insurance has been secured for the event and our organization and it's performers and agents. Most importantly, it ensures that your fireworks are properly handled and detonated by trained pyrotechnicians.

Photo: 24th Annual Chinese New Year Faire at Third and J in Downtown San Diego.